Service Costs in the MGCF

Please see Campus Recharge Policies and College of Chemistry Recharge Rates.

For fiscal year 2022-2023, the poster printer fees are $5 per square foot plus a base $55.00 labor handling fee. (CoC people get a 25% discount on the labor charge).

The consulation rate is $110/hour (only charged for dedicated individual work, excess time spent on print jobs, etc, not for routine user support).

CPU usage on Linux machines (workstations and cluster) is $0.059/hour (2023-2024).
These costs are per core per hour. (CoC people get a 25% discount on CPU charges). This really only affects computational applications. Logins and interactive use involve miniscule amounts of CPU time.

CPU and consulting charges are eligible for a College of Chemistry labor subsidy (25% in 2023-2024). See your account administrator for details.

Disk Storage is $1.54 GB/month.

This is for storage in home directories. Temporary or scratch space is free but is cleaned out often. Linux Home directories are carefully backed up to disk mirrors. Temporary use space is not backed up!

Our Windows server is for very specific and limited use. Most MGCF users do not use this or have a login on it, but if you specifically requested access to this, you are responsible for backing up your own Windows server files and deleting them from the MGCF Windows server. Otherwise you incur charges just as on the Linux home directories.

Please see our notes on how to check your usage on linux. Disk usage on Windows is trivial to check by right clicking on your home folder.

You might want to consider Box, Amazon S3 or some other cloud provider for long term storage. Our data array is designed for high throughput data usage, and is not cost effective for long term storage. A large service provider can be more cost effective for that need.

The University of California is a non-profit organization and the MGCF serves the UC community. Off campus persons will be better served seeking printing services from a commercial print shop.

However, for consulting on computational chemistry projects, there may be no commercial option available so please email us. We may be able to provide consulation on specialty projects within the constraints of our software licenses and our staff availability.